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Louisville, Kentucky is a great city with many great vacation activities and attractions. These are a few of the more popular attractions among our guests:

  • Louisville Mega Cavern: An underground adventure rich in history, geology, mining, recycling, green building technology, and just simply HUGE in scale. The man-made cavern is part of 17 miles of corridors located beneath the city of Louisville, Kentucky. Amazing. It is the largest in the United States. Home to:
    • Mega Zips: Featuring six underground zip lines, including a fun filled dual racing zip, two awesome challenge bridges that will test your skill, balance, and mettle, this tour is guaranteed to get your heart racing and your adrenaline pumping. If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind adventure, MEGA ZIPS is the place to visit. We are currently in the process of working on team building activities for group outings.
    • Mega Quest: Come enjoy the only fully underground aerial ropes challenge course in the world! Aerial ropes challenge courses are the hottest new extreme sport in Europe where thousands of courses. An activity that the entire family can enjoy.
    • Mega Tram: It's a great tour for all ages-whether you want to learn about science and history or simply want to see what a giant man-made cavern of this magnitude looks like! You'll hop on an SUV-pulled tram and be joined by a MEGA Cavern expert who will guide you on your underground adventure. It's a 60-70 minute tour, strategically lit.
    • Mega Bike: Are you ready to experience a one of a kind Underground Bike Park? Over 320,000 square feet including over 45 trails, Jump Lines, Pump Tracks, Dual Slalom, BMX, Cross Country and Single Track all in a former limestone cavern 100 feet sub-surface. Enjoy the comfort of our 60 degree temperature year round.
  • Kentucky Derby Museum: This Museum gives the visitor a true history of Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby Experience. Because it is on the same grounds as Churchill Downs, you can also take a tour of the track. There is a Spring meet and fall meet at the track, otherwise there are not any horse racing dates.
  • Louisville Slugger Factory Museum: A great history of the game with many attractions:
    • The Big Bat: The World's Biggest Bat! Made of steel, it weighs 68,000 pounds and stands 120-feet tall. The Big Bat is an exact-scale replica of Babe Ruth's 34-inch Louisville Slugger bat.
    • The Glove Sculpture: Climb on, crawl through, slide down! Discover our giant, prehistoric ball glove. Handcrafted from 450-million-year-old Kentucky limestone, our 17-ton sculpture is entitled "Play Ball."
    • Bud's Batting Cage: Named in honor of Bud Hillerich who made the first Louisville Slugger Bat back in 1884. Batters can hit with replica bats of legends like Babe Ruth and Ted Williams, plus current superstars. Hitters can also test out our latest line of baseball and softball bats.
    • Sluggers Theater: Don't miss an original and inspiring 13-minute film, "The Heart of the Game." Enjoy insights and anecdotes on hitting that you'll only learn here from some of the great players of all-time, including Tony Gwynn, Jim Thome, and Derek Jeter.
    • Grand Slam Gallery: Hold Louisville Slugger bats that were actually used by some of baseball's greatest hitters-past and present-including Mickey Mantle, Cal Ripken Jr, David Ortiz and Johnny Bench. See the Louisville Slugger bat Babe Ruth carved notches in for every home run he hit with it during his record-setting 60 home run season in 1927. Learn how the first Louisville Slugger bat was made in 1884.
    • Gallery 125: Mingle with amazingly lifelike sculptures of Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, Ken Griffey Jr, and Derek Jeter. Stare down a 90-mph fastball from Cole Hamels. Admire the Louisville Slugger bat used by Joe DiMaggio to set his 56-game hitting streak record. Have fun in Grandpa Bud's Attic where you can discover all kinds of memorabilia.
    • Factory Tour: Take a guided tour through the factory where Louisville Slugger bats are crafted with the same pride that started in 1884. Whether it's a personalized bat with your own name on it, or one destined for the big leagues, we make sure it's just right. You'll learn every step in the process. After the tour, you'll receive a FREE miniature Louisville Slugger bat!
    • Signature Wall: See the thousands of signatures that have been burned into a Louisville Slugger baseball bat. Located in our front lobby, this impressive collection of familiar and not-so-familiar names and signatures who inked contracts with Louisville Slugger is sure to stir memories of childhood heroes.
  • Cave Hill Cemetery: Edmund Francis Lee (1811-1857) convinced the city fathers to utilize the natural features of Cave Hill, which previously had been considered quite undesirable for burying purposes. To Lee, the old Cave Hill farm was perfectly suited for cemetery purposes. Its promontories would become the primary burial sites, and roads to these hilltop circles would curve gently, following the natural contours of the land. The intervening basins would become ponds or be planted with trees and maintained as reserves. The garden setting would be a natural backdrop for the lots and monuments, and the cemetery would receive perpetual attention. Furthermore, it could never be violated- stipulations never before provided. Here then was a place not to be shunned, but a park to be sought out for its beauty and the spiritual elevation gained from contemplating the collective accomplishments of its inhabitants. In the Victorian period, personal wealth increased, as did family aggrandizement. The garden cemetery became the repository of symbols of success in the form of true monumental art. The landscape gardeners embellished the natural setting with exotic trees and shrubs while the marble sculptors and granite fabricators erected elaborate memorials to individuals and families. Cave Hill has been blessed by a succession of competent and innovative landscape gardeners, and Louisville has been a regional center for monument makers. The result is a rural, garden-style cemetery which has always been considered a model to emulate.
  • Evan Williams Bourbon Experience: Located on downtown Louisville's historic "Whiskey Row," the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience features an artisanal distillery, guided tours, educational Bourbon tastings, and more! Celebrating the legacy of Evan Williams, Kentucky's first commercial distiller, this immersive experience brings to life the history and tradition of Kentucky's native spirit. Buy your tickets Online.

"As usual the choice to come down to L'ville was rewarded with fun events, great art and a grand time at the track."

Phil and Lauren, Wauwatosa, Wi